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Company formation, Compliance, Tax & regulatory compliance

Are you starting a business? Or perhaps you’re already established? Either way, your company needs to comply with the legal requirements. There are also annual filings to Companies House and HMRC to consider. If you deal offshore, then you must also take into account the overseas tax and regulatory authorities. 

Here are just a handful of the services we offer:

1.  Company formation. We perform this essential service both in the UK and overseas. This includes

2. Company administration. We make sure your company is compliant with the Companies House requirements and HMRC requirements.

3. Corporate Governance. This involves making sure your company is properly managed according to the legal requirements. This entails routinely and regularly advising the directors.

4. Company finances and taxation planning. We have the experience and relevant knowhow to support you across all of tax and corporate regulations.

5. Company financial reporting to the company management, shareholders and other stakeholders.

6. Company insolvency, rescue winding-up or liquidation. Should your company get into difficulties, we’ll give you all the advice and guidance you need to find a way through the challenging period. If necessary, we’ll support you through the process of winding up or liquidation. (We are also able to advise on personal insolvency matters which may be necessary where the business is run as a sole trader or a partnership). If you have received a winding-up petition, county court claim, and a statutory demand from a supplier, HMRC or another party, you need to take urgent action. Please contact us in strictest confidence to discuss your case.

7. Tax and regulatory compliance. We’re highly experienced in matters of corporate and personal tax compliance. We’ll make sure that all your tax affairs are in order. Non-submission of tax returns on time may result in significant other costs and legal issues, e.g. penalties, interest, bankruptcy and even criminal prosecution. For further guidance on keeping your tax affairs in order, please feel free to contact us.  

8. Intellectual Property issues. If there are any concerns about your company's intellectual property including trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc., we are able to advise and guide you on the legal and compliance requirements.

9. Debt recovery and cash-flow management. Maintaining a healthy cash-flow is paramount to the survival and growth of a company. Company management need to ensure that all their customer invoices are paid on time, as per the agreed payment terms. Failure to collect payments promptly may result in liquidity issues for the company risking it's survival. At METTLaw, we are highly experienced in advising companies on effective cash-flow management and debt recovery process. In some cases, we may be able to offer a no-win no-fee debt recovery service. Please contact us to make an enquiry.

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Are you starting a business? Or are you already established? Either way, your company needs to comply with the legal requirements - annual filings to Companies House and HMRC in the UK, and the tax and regulatory authorities overseas.

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