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Resolution without litigation

Do you have a dispute looming? These can be painful in so many ways – especially when they involve family or friends. They can be costly too - and distressing. If you possibly can, you need to avoid the lengthy and stressful process of litigation.

Prepare and prevent

Of course, the clue is in the title. The best way to prevent disputes is to prepare for them. We’ll help ensure that you have in place transparent and legally compliant documents - contracts, agreements or deeds. These documents need to be secured before the start of any business or financial relationship. In case a dispute arises, the documentation needs to clearly state the mechanism that you and the other parties will adhere to.

Litigation – a last resort

We can help you with litigation after all other avenues have been exhausted. The other lost cost, efficient and highly successful avenues we can try before taking the matter to court include: negotiation, conciliation, mediation, adjudication or arbitration. These dispute resolution methods are collectively known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Over 90% of legal disputes never reach a court and are resolved through ADR, saving the parties to a dispute expensive legal fees (solicitor fees, barrister fees, court fees, etc.) and the time and inconvenience of going to court.

Disputes can arise in all kinds of situations. They might be between you and –

The most common types of disputes are financial disputes, e.g. collection of an outstanding debt, insolvency disputes, division of marital assets as part of divorce proceedings, or division of estate assets as part of probate proceedings, etc. Litigation should be your very last resort. It’s a very time-consuming, expensive and stressful process for both parties. Fortunately, there are other much more efficient and cost-effective mechanisms available. This is an area in which we’re highly experienced. Our areas of expertise include mediation, arbitration and, in the construction sector, adjudication.

At METTLaw, we are trained, qualified and experienced ADR practitioners. We can act either as mediators / arbitrators, or as advocates / claims consultants in mediation, arbitration or adjudication proceedings. We can assist you with the preparation of your claim / defence, or provide professional representation for you in such proceedings to maximise your chances of success.

Don’t leave Dispute Resolution to chance.

It can lead to lengthy, costly and stressful litigation. Get in touch today.

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