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The world is a dangerous place. Wherever we turn, it seems that we face threats. Not only to our physical well-being and security but financially too. As world crises come and go, so the markets become ever more volatile. Such swings in the financial and political climate make it ever more essential to secure the assets we’ve worked so hard to build up. We owe it to ourselves and to our loved ones to do we all we can to protect our families’ well-being for when we’re no longer here.

As a qualified TEP Member of STEP (The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners), the MD of METTLaw Mr Sheikh Najam strictly follows the 'STEP Code for Will Writing' when advising his clients on matters relating to estate planning and administration. This ensures that clients receive the highest standards of service.

 In the above short video prepared by STEP, President of STEP Mr Shindler explains how the 'STEP Code for Will Writing' provides quality assurance to the public. This and a few other videos are available to view on the STEP YouTube channel here 

Securing your assets for today, tomorrow and beyond

It’s our role to design a solution, specific to your needs, to ensure that you protect your wealth, as fully as possible, both domestically and globally held, today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

One of the mainstays of your planning should be Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). This is where so much Estate planning goes awry. Without appointing an LPA, there will be no-one available to manage your plan in the event of you losing mental capacity.

We’ll advise you on the vital steps you need to

By doing this you’ll avoid legal disputes, either if you lose mental capacity or when you die. Such disputes or claims to an estate can be time-consuming, expensive and stressful for the family members. Avoiding them should be uppermost in your mind when you consider these matters.

Estates Administration

We also help our clients manage their estates effectively and efficiently so the beneficiaries' interests are fully protected, and any risks to the estate are minimised. The risks to estate include creditors, excessive taxation, business associates, family members claiming a share in the estate, economic and political climate, etc. We can also advise executors or trustees of estates when managing the estate of a deceased person, known as post-death administration of an estate.

Trust Administration

Once you’ve set up your trust, you need to manage it efficiently – ensuring that you fulfil the required legal compliance regulations. You also need to protect the interests of your nominated beneficiaries by correctly managing your trust’s assets.

Advising trustees

We carry out all these above services on your behalf – or we can act as advisors to the trustees. The trustees must act with integrity and diligence. Otherwise, their negligence can result in compensation claims.

Don’t leave the planning or management of your estate to chance
Make sure that your beneficiaries are looked after in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Get in touch today.


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