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Are you an entrepreneur? Are you a Company Director or an investor? Do you operate internationally or cross-border?

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Our advice covers both tax compliance, such as tax return filings and tax planning and structuring. We also offer guidance on how to conduct transactions in a tax-efficient manner both domestically within the UK, and globally by setting up an internationally optimised tax structure for your business or estate. This is known as international tax planning and involves advising on the impact of double-tax treaties agreed between two countries to mitigate double-taxation for their tax payers.

There are also a number of European Union directives relating to taxation which may have an impact on a person's tax liabilities. We have expertise in the EU Tax Laws, and advise our EU-connected clients on these matters to enable them to optimise their tax position.

We all have a social responsibility to pay the taxes that we’re legally obliged to do. However, it’s easy to overpay tax. This often happens as a result of ignorance of the various options available to us for tax planning. There are numerous allowances and exemptions available to the taxpayers – more than most of us can expect to keep up with.

We’re here to give you sound, up-to-the-minute advice that will almost always result in substantial tax savings for you or your business.

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Estate Planning & Administration

Secure your Estate against the risk of unnecessary tax. We’ll make sure your home, investments, savings, business interests, life insurance are protected as much as they possibly can be.

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Tax Planning for Individuals & Businesses

Entrepreneurs, investors, company directors - talk to us, the Tax specialists, about all your tax issues – compliance, income tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

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Business Law

Are you starting a business? Or are you already established? Either way, your company needs to comply with the legal requirements - annual filings to Companies House and HMRC in the UK, and the tax and regulatory authorities overseas.

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Dispute Resolution

Avoid painful, costly and distressing litigation. We’re experts in mediation, arbitration and adjudication. Whether the dispute involves family members, business partners, investors, suppliers, customers or HMRC, we’re here to help.

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